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Comfortable dog and cat kennels in Batavia

When you want your cat or dog to be comfortable while you're away, bring your pet to our dog and cat kennels. At Marjon Kennels, Vickie and James Fairchild have 75 years of combined pet care and kennel management experience. We're BBB certified, and we're here to treat your pet to a comfortable stay while you're away. 
A view from within the dog kennels at Marjon Kennel

We're pets people

We know it can be stressful for pets to be away from their owners for any period. Let us show your pet a comfortable and compassionate alternative. When you're away, we know you want your pet to be safe, happy, and comfortable. That's why we offer roomy units for cats and spacious indoor/outdoor runs for dogs. Our staff members are here to give your pet the attention he or she needs. 

Our facilities are clean

We take pet care and pet hygiene seriously. That's why we insure all of our pet boarding areas are clean. We wouldn't want to stay in a dirty environment, why would we expect your pet to stay in such an environment? We require veterinary proof of vaccinations for all pets being groomed or boarded with us. We require DHPP (distemper/parvo booster), rabies, and bordetella vaccinations for dogs and FVRCP, rabies, and feline leukemia vaccinations for cats.

We have exercise yards!

We have large, fenced exercise yards (three of them!) for our dog guests. You can request fifteen minute exercise sessions with one of our staff members up to three times a day at any schedule requested. We offer a 15 minute play and cuddle session for cats. 

Our owners live on the premises, so that no matter what's going on, our kennels are supervised 24/7.
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